My mission is very simple: to bring back natural bath and body products in your everyday life.

Hello, I am Louise Psarras-Bly, owner and creator of Les Savons de Loulou!, Loulou' Soaps in French, and I would like to introduce myself to you:

I started making soap back in 2000, when I moved to the United States from Belgium and was not able to easily find Savon de Marseille, the French olive oil soap that I used on me and my babies. Everything I saw was full of chemicals and artificial colors. What was available was not even soap anymore!

So, I looked for information on the internet on how to make soap the old way, and I found a recipe to make soap with rendered beef fat. With my recipe in hand, off to the butcher's I went and asked to buy 10 pounds of beef fat. You should have seen how he looked at me!!!! He asked what did I want to do with all that fat, and I just said "Soap!" He understood...

Back at home, I followed the instruction on the recipe and started to render the beef fat.... OH-MY!!! If I had known my house was going to smell that bad for the next 2 weeks, I would not be here right now!!! To make a long story short, I decided right then to only make soap with vegetable oils! And being of Greek origin, it seemed normal to me to use extra virgin olive oil!

After learning how to make soap, I learnt how to make lip balm with beeswax, body lotion with jojoba oil, baby powder without talc. And I was hooked!!! My product line now includes many different items, each one of them created with passion and care, and with the purpose of offering a very good and affordable natural alternative to what's available out there.

I now have a soap making studio and a retail space, and have the opportunity to teach soap making classes. Here are a few pictures of the last one I taught:

Other classes I offer are: room freshener, lip blam/gloss, body lotion, fresh face masks, and more!